Grey Athleisure [Grey]

Grey Athleisure [Grey]

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from on 20/01/2019
Trying nee brands is always an adventure but this time really worth it as I found a shirt that I don‘t want to take off:-) Not only do I like the simple style of it but it is extremly soft. Haven‘t worn it for hard workout sessions yet, so I can‘t say anything about how it handles sweating but light yogasessions didn‘t leave a bad smell so far. Overall a very comfy, clean cut with the good feeling of not hurting our planet.
Adored it!
from on 14/01/2019
Such a beautifully soft t-shirt - totally obsessed with it. Seams are virtually non-existant and the fabric is delightful. Nice cut too. Highly recommend.
Love, love, LOVE!!!
from on 08/01/2019
I cannot overemphasise how much I adore this t-shirt - so much so that I wear it for everyday use, as well as for my yoga practice.
First and foremost, I have to compliment the fit - I'm often hesitant when ordering from new brands where I don't know the sizing, but I took my measurements and matched them up with the size guide before placing my order and the tee fits perfectly! It has a really flattering cut, too.
Secondly, I just cannot get over how soft the fabric is - it is just so luxurious and the fact that it is made out of trees is astonishing, and makes me love it even more. There is also a nice, detailed seam from the neck to the top of the shoulders - just a little touch but enough to show that the product has been made with a great deal of care and attention.
I'm definitely going to be ordering more of these tees in different designs :) Thank you SueMe for a fantastic, innovative and practical product <3

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