Mens Echoic Jacket Grey

Mens Echoic Jacket Grey

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Our Jacket has been a 2 year project in the making. For design, we wanted to Unify and blend ancient textile traditions with modern innovative fabric technologies, taking inspiration from a collection palette based around the Highlands subtle shades of, heather, water, earth and air... water preserved from plastic disposal, earth and pastures to be kept green for happy grazing, and blue sky to stay as clean and clear as possible...

For materials we unified continents at peace: YKK Natulon recycled zips (Japan), lazer cut reflective tape, (France), tubular knitted trim (Spain), PET fleece (USA), tweed (UK), and waxed cotton (UK)...To create a traditionally modern tailored crossover jacket subtly quilted with mountains and waves inspired from surf trips to Oyambre on the Classic 300 Polartec recycled heather fleece.

And finally all this goodness is blended, engineered and sewn together by designer artisans within the traditional textile manufacturing base of socially challenged North London, here in the UK. 

Production is limited to short numbered runs of 20 mens and 20 ladies per batch and we inspect each and every jacket prior to them departing the factory and winging their way to you the new owner of an Echoic Jacket.

Echoic is the first outcome of a two year research and development process created with form, function and timeless style in mind for outdoor folk which will hopefully create an echo within the developing sustainable sportswear market to raise awareness on environmental issues... and help SueMe deliver more family members...

Let?s Echoic speak for itself ...and together make...the impossible, possible. 

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