Our Kit

Our_Kit Our goal has been to make the most stylish, durable and comfortable kit in the most sustinable way with the least possible impact on the enviroment. We believe this to be an essential part of any business today and think about that in all aspects of our supply chain, which I have to say is not easy when your a small but growing independant brand.


We use natural synthetic fibres from beech tree, eucalyptus tree and bamboo tree pulp in our fabric tool box as well as organic cottons, wool and recycled polyester which when spun together create some natural, comfortable, super soft, durable and fantastic fabrics from which we craft our clothes.


Manufacturing as close to home as possible in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Tunisia our supplliers share our beliefs and ethics and support causes like Fair Wair, GOTS (Global Organic Trade Standard) and the carbon trust as all these little things add up.


Like most we work with many people to get cut, fit and shape just right however our final pattern and design come from a master pattern cutter and designer of courture, who ran community programmes in Tottenham. London. N19.  When not adding fashion finesse to SueMe’s clothing, she’s teaching young people about the creative process and how to design, make and mend clothes..Cool.