Our Story


Our common intererest that we believe we can make a difference for the better, and every little effort, combined with everyone else's little efforts will make a big difference, after all 'What goes around comes around'. We like to live life to the full, enjoy our planet and would like it to be around for generations to come.

Started with a belief that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you set out to do. Our belief has been to enjoy life, have fun, smile and try do good things to help people and the planet while trying to make the best possible kit, please feel free to join us if you wish.
"SueMe" said Alan sailing on a boat one day, and that was it, he liked it, I liked it, the start of our journey, and while said in jest it is also our belief that what goes around comes around, in life and in general, and well if you don't agree then Hey ! "SueMe" many thanks Alan....
We would like to help people connect with nature, part of the way we do this is by making our clothes from super soft, super comfortable fabric made from trees. (Hence tree trunks and beech shorties, you see !) We also like to give something back too after all "what goes around comes around" So, we include a small packet of beech, birch and wildmeadow flower seeds with your purchase which if scattered and grow will suck in more carbon that it took to produce your garment in the first place thereby helping to offset yourself and your purchase with SueMe today.