Our Story

Our call to action revolves around the environmental impacts resulting from one of the world’s more polluting industries: clothing. Believing that something positive could be achieved – yet lacking formal training in the design or manufacturing of garments – we set off on a passion-fuelled journey of discovery. After identifying fantastic fabrics and materials that are enviromentaly friendly, and teaming up with like-minded partners with decades of experience in the activewear business, we now produce garments that allow you to perform at your limits whilst staying comfortable, and help you to feel closer to nature by being kinder to the Earth.

Our Common Interest

We believe that every positive effort – big and small – to improve the environment and our society makes a significant difference, especially when combined with everyone else’s endeavours. We enjoy living life to the full, we appreciate being able to experience everything our planet has to offer, and we want a healthy Earth to be around for future generations.

Why SueMe?

Whilst sailing off the coast of California, a friend jokingly remarked: “If that’s the case then you can sue me.” He liked the phrase. We liked the phrase and so began the amazing journey of ‘SueMe’. Some people think our company name has negative connotations. Maybe. Yet we also believe that the phrase ‘what goes around, comes around’ is as applicable to the circular economy as it is to nature. We choose to make clothes from natural and recycled materials. Because that’s how nature works – it reprocesses and repurposes everything.

What is a Circular Economy?

Looking beyond the current take-make-waste industrial model, a circular economy makes use of all our resources instead of dumping them in landfill. It’s described as a ‘circular economy’ because the circle never ends, and the economy represents all of our planet’s wealth and resources. In a circular economy, economic activity is decoupled from the consumption of finite resources. The concept of waste is itself eliminated. Old products become new products. New companies and jobs are created. Renewable energy is used to power factories and transportation. And nature is restored. In a circular economy, resources and energy remain abundant because they are never lost. But if you don't believe us then hey, SueMe! Because as we all know, what goes around comes around.

Who we are

Founder In 2010, Julian Peppit was looking for comfortable activewear that performed exceptionally well in demanding environments, did not sacrifice style and was kind to the natural environment. Unable to find clothing that met his exacting requirements, he founded SueMe.

  • Designer

    When it came to shaping our signature garments, we went to the oracle. James Lamont has a deserved reputation for helping people go faster. Much faster. A former member of Adidas’ acclaimed innovation team, James has clothed athletes performing at the pinnacle of disciplines such as cycling and skiing. And whilst not many of us will medal at an Olympic Games, we can all wear clothing designed by the mind that created a gold medal-winning swimsuit.

  • Master Pattern Cutter

    Kat, our master pattern cutter, hails from North London. Ostensibly a designer of couture, Kat’s second life revolves around teaching young people living in one of the most economically-deprived parts of the UK about creativity through the medium of designing, making and mending clothes. By sharing her hard-won knowledge, Kat is giving the next generation an opportunity to express themselves in a positive way, whilst learning important life and business skills.

  • Photographer

    Martin Hartley is one of the world’s top photographers and a Time magazine ‘Hero of the environment’. Specialising in capturing images at the edges of our natural world, Martin also documents the scientists and athletes who venture to Earth’s harshest regions. His ability to record people in places that most of us wouldn’t survive in for more than a few hours made Martin our top choice when it came to photographing some of our SueMe-wearing friends on the fringes of one of this planet’s extreme locations: Bristol.

  • Locations and production

    Good Spaces is an established and rapidly growing company providing access to great locations and production services in the South West of England and beyond. Our services are designed to meet the needs of photographers, advertising agencies and film and TV producers.

    Good Spaces was founded by Mano Basu. For over a decade, Mano worked in some of the UK’s leading TV, radio and advertising agencies, which helped her to understand the need for a highly tailored full service to location finding and production management.